cropped-banner-web.pngRené Aquarius is a Dutch drummer with an unhealthy obsession for grindcore, soundtracks and experimental music. He is best known for his work in free jazz / experimental band Dead Neanderthals.


My new album UNIVERSE is out now. I’ve created two lengthy drone tracks using cymbal sounds and will self-release a 2CD version of it on Friday February 14, 2020. The album is distributed by the following (web)shops, initiatives and labels. Moving Funiture Records (NL), Harmonics And Nonadaptive Sounds (NL), Consouling Store (BE), Zona Watusa (ES), Utech Records (USA), Norman Records (UK).

——————————STILL FRESH——————————
My album WOODLAND SIGIL is out on Unfathomless. A limited compact disc edition is now available through the label or my own Bandcamp. I created WOODLAND SIGIL by combining field recordings from Småland, Sweden with sounds from my drum kit and some sines. The result is rather bleak.

Universe [self released, 2020]
Woodland Sigil [Unfathomless, 2019]
Isle [Zona Watusa, 2019]
Transmutation [Moving Furniture Records, 2018]
Glass Palace (w/ Rutger Zuydervelt) [self released, 2018]
The Red Soul (w/ Rutger Zuydervelt & Ilia Belorukov) [SOFA Music, 2018]
Blight [Utech Records, 2016]